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Since its founding in 2000, O.D. ALFA–TEH has been involved in the design and construction of tools, devices and various products for the needs of companies in the automotive and agricultural machinery industries. Our principled business idea is to fulfill all the wishes of the customer and create a partnership to the mutual satisfaction.
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  • to rotate around the truck, to view the truck from all sides, hold down the left mouse button while moving it,
  • to zoom in and out of the truck, use the mouse wheel, or keep it pressed while moving the mouse.

The truck can be viewed virtually from all sides. You can also zoom in or out, depending on whether you want to see the truck in more detail or the whole in the frame.

3D Presentation is a virtual three-dimensional representation of an object (product). Unlike images or video clips, which are commonly displayed in today’s internet world, 3D technology, based on WebGL technology, allows any real-world object to be convincingly displayed on web pages. In addition to the 3D Presentation itself, it also enables a high degree of interaction (e.g. opening or closing doors, drawers, rotating objects, etc.).

Refrigerator truck upgrade

Project description

The refrigerator truck upgrade is a project done as part of the Reverse Engineering service.

The refrigerator truck upgrade is a project by which the existing refrigerator truck was converted into a flatbed truck. The project is interesting in that the refrigerator truck did not have a draft or any project documentation, so that was done as part of the project itself with the help of reverse engineering. The refrigerator truck upgrade, as a project, has found its application in the provision of transport and logistics services for a number of business areas.

Date:  27. December 2021.
Type of service:  Reverse engineering
Refrigerator truck upgrade | ALFA – TEH