O.D. Alfa-Teh
Since its founding in 2000, O.D. ALFA–TEH has been involved in the design and construction of tools, devices and various products for the needs of companies in the automotive and agricultural machinery industries. Our principled business idea is to fulfill all the wishes of the customer and create a partnership to the mutual satisfaction.
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32272 Cerna, Republic of Croatia
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Your trusted business partner

The company ALFA – TEH has been selling, designing and constructing tools, devices and various products for the needs of companies in the automotive and agricultural machinery industries for more than 20 years.

For the needs of the company in accordance with customer requirements and the desire to offer new services, employees constantly improve and monitor and apply new technologies.

Today, the company has a large number of satisfied customers with whom it has developed long-term partnerships and offers a wide range of services such as construction support in tool and device development, support in design and development of new products, reverse engineering, machining and welding and assembly services.

The company’s goal is to revive the client’s idea as a modern, functional and a good quality product.


Decades of experience, expertise and professionalism

Relying on many years of experience in sales, design and construction of products for the needs of certain parts of the industry, constant training and professional approach, both to the client and to work, we are able to provide a wide range of engineering and software services.

Application of the latest CAD software packages

Since the founding of the company, only the latest generations of software packages have been used, starting from AUTO-CAD R14, as the first CAD software, all the way to CATIA V5-V6 packages. Engineering work in such software solutions enables the development of an optimal design solution and the rapid creation of the necessary documentation.

Innovative solutions to your problems

Making constructions according to the client’s requirements in terms of finding the optimal design, technological or other solution, we expand our knowledge and thus create new solutions. Our innovation significantly improves work processes and contributes to the development of a new product.


In accordance with customer requirements, we offer the best engineering and technological solutions.

During the years, we expanded the range of services. Initially, it was only construction support in the development of tools and devices, as well as support in the design and development of new products. Observing the needs of our clients and following their development, as well as the development of software tools we used, we have expanded our services in the direction of development and application of reverse engineering, machining, welding and assembly. All our services, in their scope and quality, are such that they meet the changing market requirements and enable us to maintain a competitive position.

Machining, welding and assembly

Reverse engineering

Engineering support and development of new products

Construction support in developing of tools and devices


High-performance projects tailored to the requirements and production and sales needs of clients.

A large number of successful projects have been realized in the field of production of tools and devices for welding, assembly, various manipulators, transport carts, biomass processing machines, conveyors, sieves and many others.


For all additional information about our services, call us or write to us, so that together we can come up with the best and most efficient solution for your business!

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