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Since its founding in 2000, O.D. ALFA–TEH has been involved in the design and construction of tools, devices and various products for the needs of companies in the automotive and agricultural machinery industries. Our principled business idea is to fulfill all the wishes of the customer and create a partnership to the mutual satisfaction.
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December, 2021

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Together to EU funds FI
The Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds awarded O.D. ALFA - TEH funds for the development and implementation of IKT solutions, as a way to achieve more efficient business. The goal of the project is to significantly reduce the time required for coordination of business between associates with funds aimed at procurement and implementation of ICT solutions and equipment, thus reducing working hours and final product prices as a result of optimized processes, resulting in increased competitiveness, efficiency and company market position.
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ALFA – TEH offers modern and quality services in the automotive and agricultural industries. By applying advanced software technologies, innovative products are created, production processes are improved and all data relevant to the optimal operation of these industries are connected.
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CATIA_Rendering news FI
ALFA – TEH uses the latest versions of the CATIA V5-V6 software package in its work. Due to the revolutionary advantages of software solutions, included in CATIA V5-V6 packages, ALFA – TEH is able to offer competitive services in terms of tasks, databases and results for its customers.
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We offer the best engineering and technological solutions to meet client’s requirements.

2021 December | ALFA – TEH